Michelle Nze
The Moving World - Live - Death - Spirit

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Recognized and valued as an artist in Gabon since the late 1990s. Michelle Nze lives and works in Berlin. The world citizen preserves the valuable historical and symbolic cultural heritage of Africa in her work, but also pursues her own vision of African modernity. In this sense, it combines African tradition and spirituality with cosmopolitan modernity. The painter and sculptor dealt with the cycle of birth, life and death in her work. It also creates a relationship between our world and the metaphysical world of our ancestors, who give us strength, give us advice and give us consolation, and to whom we owe absolute respect.

Sie stellt dabei auch eine Beziehung zwischen unserer Welt und der metaphysischen Welt unserer Ahnen her, welche uns Kraft verleihen, uns Rat erteilen und Trost spenden und denen wir unbedingten Respekt schulden.